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It conservs the church and the orchard of the original building from 1585. It has got three naves, the central one covered by a semicircular vault with frames and inside vaults on it, hold up by one cornice over pilasters with their shaft with plaster decoration. The pilasters are attached to square pillars. Over them, semicircular arches separate the central nave from the side naves. Nowadays, these arches can not be seen, due to the fact that the side naves have been divided into cells.

The crossing nave is covered by a dome with pairs of litle windows. The rectangular presbytery is covered by a semicircular vault with frames. It has got one square lady chapel with a semicircular vault decorated with paintings on it.

The façade is divided into three vertical walls made of masonry and separated by brick pillasters. The front is made of stone with a semicircular decorated arch and frames over the door.The decoration consists of vegetal elements and the arch itself is surrounded by pillasters with chapitels on them and pyramids on the top.

At the right side of the façade an octogonal tower is located made of bricks that imitate stone masonry.

Considering the contents of the church it is remarkable the goldened silver reliquary with precious stones containing the incorrupt hand of St. Theresa of Jesus (17th century). It is also advisable to regard the sculpture of the Holy Virgin Mary called of the Loneliness (19th century) and some oil paintings from the 17th century, being the most important of them the one representig scenes fo the life of St. Pedro Nolasco, whose author is Fray Agustín Leonardo (17th century).