Bull tail


1 and½ Kgr. of bull's tail, 2 onions, 4 carrots, 2 pieces of celery, 1 piece of parsley, ½ glass of olive oil, salt, pepper, ½ litre of red wine, 3 grains of spicy, 1 glass of light soup.


Inside a bowl cut the carrots, the celery and the parsley and reserve them.

Inside a frying pan put the olive oil to heat. When the oil is hot, put inside the previously cut vegetables until they get a golden colour. Afterwards add the cut bull's tail. When it begins to have the cooked meat's colour, after being lightly fried, add the salt and pepper and also the red wine. The last step consists of adding the grains of spicy into one cloth just for removing them easily afterwards.

Let everything cook during 3 hours over a low heat, mixing it sometimes and adding hot light soup each time you need it.

Loin head with stuffing


1 medium sized loin's head, 5 or 6 garlics, 1 pice of parsley, corns of pepper (as much as you like), 100 grs. of cured jam, 100 grs. of belly pork, 2 hark boiled eggs, 125 grs. of black offal, 1 carrot, 5 spoonful of olive oil, 4 spoonful of lard, 2 or 3 green peppers, 1 onion, ¼ kgrs. of tomatos, 1 cup of brandy, 1 leaf of laurel, salt.


Clean the loin's head properly and season it, reserving it. Afterwards, cut very fine the garlics, the parsley, the cured jam, the belly pork, the two hard boiled eggs, the carrot, the black offal, cut in strips and add and the pepper corns you like.

Take the loin's head, make some holes in it and, through them, fill the meat with the rest of the ingredients. Once this step has been finished, sew it with white and strong thread, frying everyting in a frying pan filled with hot olive oil. Once it gets a golden colour take it away from the heat and reserve it.

In a deep frying pan put some whith lard and fry inside the pepper, garlic, parsley, onion, tomatos, everything fine cut, and the leaf of laurel. Once they have been lightly fried, add the brandy and some water, and, at least, the loin's head, boiling it during 35 minutes.

Once it is cooled, press it and serve it cool in steaks or hot, serving it with the sauce made as a result of the boiling process.

Kid cooked at ronda's flavour


2 and½ Kgr. of kid (aprox.), 300 grs.of garlics, 500 grs. of chestnuts, 1/3 litre of olive oil, ½ litre of white wine, 2 loafs of laurel, salt, pepper.


Once the kid has been cleaned, cut it into pieces with a weight of 200 grs. aproximately. Season it with the salt and pepper you like and put over one baking tray. previously heated inside an oven. While the kid is getting a golden colour, spread it with the fat it drops.

Once the kid's pices have been cooked, add the cut garlics, the wine, the smashed chestnuts and the laurel, boiling it over a low heat during five minutes.

To be served in its own sauce.

Lamb stew cooked at the hideaway style


1 Kgr. of suckling lamb, 200 grs. of fresh onion, 200 grs. of almonds, 100 grs. of nuts, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 lemon (its juice), 1 glass of white wine, 4 slices of black bread, 1 cup of flour, ¼ litre of olive oil, the pepper you like, 1 leaf of laurel, 1 little piece of thyme.


Inside a frying pain with olive oil, fry the almonds, the black bread and the garlics. Once they have become a golden colour, smash them inside a mortar and reserve them.

Cut the lamb into pieces, season it as you like with salt and pepper, and, after coating it with flour, fry it sligthly at the frying pan used for the other ingredients.

The last step consists of putting into a casserole the lamb and the smashed ingredients which had been reserved, adding the thyme, the nuts, the white wine, and filling everything with water or with light soup. Boil it about 35 minutes.

Meat with thyme


10 spoonful of olive oil, 1 kgr. of steaks (pork or beef), 1 kgr. of tomatos, salt, pepper, 100 grs. of thyme (more or less).


Inside a casserole put the olive oil and, over it, a layer of tomatoes cut into slices. Over this slice, put another consisting of steaks seasoned with salt and pepper, afterwards one slice of tomatoes and follow this order until all the ingredients have been completely used.

The last step consists of adding one glass of water and the thyme, put into one cloth for avoiding the thyme being spreaded.

Put the casserole over the heat and let it boil until the meat is tender.

Rabbit with garlic


6 spoonful of olive oil, 1 medium sized rabbit, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 piece of parsley, 1 glass of brandy, salt.


Cut the rabbit into pieces, season it and fry it in hot olive oil. When it is half goldened, add the garlics and the parsley, everything fine cut. At least add the brandy and boil it during some minutes.

(Do not add water, because it is enough with the one coming out of the rabbit once it has been cleaned).

Rabbit with mushrooms at the serrania style


1 rabbit, 500 grs. of mushrooms, ¼ litre of olive oil, 100 grs. of onion, 4 cloves of garlic, ¼ litre of dry white wine, 2 leafs of laurel, oregano, thyme, pepper, flour, salt, light soup.


Season the rabbit with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme, coat it with flour and fry it into a casserloe with hot olive oil. Once it gets a golden colour, take it away and, using the same fat at the oil, fry lightly the mushrooms, the garlics and the onions, everything fine cut.

Add the rabbit to this mixture and flambé it with the white wine. Afterwards, add the light soup and let it boil about 50 minutes. It has to be served in the same casserole used for cooking.

Fried rabbit


1 rabbit, 1 glass of white wine, 5 or 6 garlics, thyme, 1 leaf of laurel, 2 lemons, salt, 6 spoonful of olive oil, flour.


Inside a dish put the glass of white wine, 5 or 6 garlics fine cut, thyme, laurel, the juice of two lemons and salt.

Take one young, but big rabbit and cut it into loaves. Put it over the mixture previously done for 3 hours.

After this time, coat the rabbit with flour and fry it with very hot olive oil

Cooked kid


1 small kid, 1 clove of garlics, 1 loaf of bread, ¼ litre of olive oil, oregano, 1 spoonful of paprika, vinegar, pepper, salt.


Inside a deep frying pan or inside a pottery casserole the garlics (5 or 6 cloves) have to be fried, as well as the kid's offal and one loaf of bread. When everything gets a golden colour take it off the heat and reserve it.

Using the same olive oil, put the oregano, the smashed pepper, vinegar and paprika (so much as you like); add to this mixture the meat of the kid, previously cut into pieces. Fill the casserole with water and boil the cook until the meat is tender.

To finish, add the kid's offal, the garlics and the bread, everything smashed into and mortar, adding salt to it.

Cooked legs


1 Kgr. of pork's legs, 1 clove of garlics, 1 spoonful of white lard, parsley, 1 leaf of laurel, salt, 1 jam's bone, saffron, pepper, 3 yolks, 100 grs. of almonds.


To get the salt off the legs, soak them into water the previous night before cooking.

Clean the legs and cut them longitudinally into two pieces, boiling it for the first time into water.

The next step consists of boiling them into clean water, adding to them a roasted garlic's clove, one spoonful of lard, one garlic cut into pieces, parsley, laurel and one jam's bone.

When the legs are tender, add the saffron and pepper you like, as well as a mortar smashed mixture of the hard boiled eggs yolks and the peeled almonds.

Liver at Ronda style


1 Kgr. of pork's liver, 1 onion, 1 glass of wine, ¼ kgr. of fresh fat, 2 spoonful of lard, ¼ kgrs. of tomatos, 100 grs. of nuts, 100 grs. of almonds, 2 or 3 garlics, salt, pepper.


Cut into small pieces the fat and the liver.

Inside a frying pan melt the lard, adding the cut fat. Once it gets a golden colour, add the cut liver and the very fine cut onion. After some minutes, add the peeled and cut into pieces tomatos and one glass of white wine. Add salt and pepper, cover the frying pan and let everyting boil over a low heat during one hour.

Meanwhile, at the half boiling time, smash inside a mortar the nuts, peeled garlics and almonds, add to the smashed mixture some water and afterwards, add it to the cooking liver, finishing the boiling process when the liver tastes fine.

Pork hands


1 Kgr. of pork's hands, 5 or 6 garlics, 2 leafs of laurel, 1 big onion, ¼ kgrs. of chorizos (high-seasoned pork sausage), ¼ kgr. of white beans or ¼ kgr. of chickpeas, 100 kgr. of cured jam, 1 spoonful of flour, 1 spoonful of paprika, olive oil, salt.


The previous night put the chickpeas or the beans soaked into water. The cooking day, boil the chickpeas with water and salt, and when they are tender, drain and reserve them.

In a container filled with water boil the cleaned pork's hands, the needed salt, the cloves of garlic peeled and cut in a longitudinal way and the loaves of laurel. After boiling everything for some minutes, take the container from the heat away and drain the water, but do not drop the laurel and the garlics.

Inside a casserole with olive oil make a frying sauce with lots of cut onion, the chorizo cut into loags and the cut jam. Aferwards, when the onion is already goldened, add a spoonful of flour and another one of paprika, mixing the ingredients very well.

Next to this put the pork's hands into the casserole with the frying sauce and fill everything with water, boiling them until they get tender. When the pork's hands are half boiled, add the chickpeas or the beans.

Partridge with sauce


1 partridge, 1 spoonful of lard, 100 grs. of fat, 1 loaf of bread, 1 lemon, pepper, salt.


Inside a casserole heat the lard, the fat cut into pieces and the cleaned partridge. Once everything gets a golden colour, add water to the casserole and let everything boil.

Meanwhile, take a piece of fat, which has been fried and smash it in a mortar together with some fried bread, a lemon's juice and peppercorns. Mix everything a lot and put it into the casserole where the partridge is boiling, letting it be cooked over a low heat until it gets tender.

Chicken on casserole


1 chicken cut into pieces, 3 onions, 1 loaf of laurel, 1 glass of whtie wine, salt, 5 spoonful of olive oil.


Put in a casserole the olive oil, frying there the cut onions.

When they get a golden colour, add the cut chicken and the laurel. Next add the wine and some water, as well as salt.

Cook everything over a low heat during 20 minutes.