1. Church of Merced
  2. Church of St. Cecilia
  3. Church of Virgen de la Paz
  4. Church of Santa María la Mayor
  5. Virgen de los Dolores's Shrine
  6. Clarisas's Convent
  7. Caridad's Convent
  8. Church of Carmen
  9. Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra
  10. Palace of Mondragon
  11. Bull Ring
  12. Fountain of the eight spout
  13. Arch of Philip V
  14. City Hall Facade
  15. New Bridge


The 18th century, without doubt represents a fundamental milestone in Ronda history, introducing notable socioeconomic and urban development, highlighting emblematic structures such as the New Bridge, which decisively allowed the birth of a new city with a modern design. It is the century of the construction of palatial buildings, of rich functional and decorative changes in churches and convents or the building of spaces for leisure and enjoyment for the people, such as the Bull Ring, exquisite nobility in its architectural design. The 18th century is the ‘Golden Century’ of the city.