Algaba of Ronda

Visit the Prehistoric Village at Algaba Farm - A scientific passage through the past

The prehistoric village at Algaba Farm is a unique experience to get closer to, via science, what daily life may have been like for rural prehistoric communities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the archaeological accuracy of the buildings and the diverse archaeological activities carried put, those that visit the village have the opportunity to truly experience a journey through time and understand the magical union between nature and culture.

Option 1

A guided tour of the prehistoric village. Duration: 2 Hours.

Option 2

Visit and activities about stone tool technology, pottery, milling and rock painting.

Duration: 4 hours. 

Option 3

Themed program: Investigating Archaeology. Discovering Prehistory. Archaeological Excavation workshop. Duration: 4 Hours. 

Awards and Recognition Received

The Algaba Centre of Ronda offers a new, passionate and different educational and cultural experience as a Visitors centre for the Heritage of the Serranía of Ronda. The scientific, educative and productive work is fruit of the labour of a multidisciplinary team and carries out work principally via three disciplines: Experimental Archaeology, Environmental Education and Agroecology. Serving to give quality and dynamism to the different cultural and educational programs they offer.

European Union Award: Europa Nostra 2008, for promoting best practice in heritage conservation, stimulating the exchange knowledge and experience in all European countries, promoting the appreciation of European cultural heritage and to be considered an exemplary initiative.

· Rainbow Award to the best Cooperative Initiative (17th Edition). Junta de Andalucía

· GAIA Provincial Environmental Award (5th Edition). Provincial Deputation

· Award for best Tourist Project 2007. Rural Málaga.

· Innovative Tourist Project in the Tourism Gala 2007. Ronda Town Hall.


Algaba de Ronda

Ctra Ronda Algeciras Km 4,5

29400 Ronda (Málaga)

Tel. 952 11 40 48 / 653 90 10 43



Cueva de la Pileta - Pileta cave

This cave, habitat of prehistoric man, is located within the municipal area of Benaoján, 22km from Ronda. It was discovered in 1905 and declared a National Monument in 1924, a real ‘Sistine Chapel’ of the prehistoric art in Andalusia. Containing an extraordinary collection of paintings two of which are noteworthy, the Pregnant Mare and the Fish.