Real Cofradía Penitencial de Ntro. Señor Orando en el Huerto y María Stma. Consuelo de las Tristezas (Fraternity of Jesus Praying at the Orchard and the Virgin of the Consolation at her Sadness)

Real Cofradía Penitencial de Ntro. Señor Orando en el Huerto y María Stma. Consuelo de las TristezasOn Easter Monday's dusk, and coming from the baroque church of St.Cecilia appears the Fervorosa y Popular cofradía Penitencial y Real Hermandad Reparadora de Nuestro Señor Orando en el Huerto y María Santísima Consuelo de las Tristezas (Fraternity of Jesus Praying at the Orchard and the Virgin of the Sadness), known as the broterhood of "the orchard". 

Hundred forty seven men carrying the platform thrones and more than five hundred brothers of the fraternity, wearing green and fucsia coloured dresees, watch a the Plaza de los Descalzos the play by a group of actors coming from the town of lgualeja of Jesus's arrest at the orchard and they go through the traditional quarter of St. Cecilia waiting for one of the most spectacular happenings, when the platforms thrones carrying the sacred Images arrive, due to the difficulty of the church's entrance. This fifty years old fraternity, founded at april, 20th, 1950, declared 1989 the National Blind men Organization of Spain (O.N.C.E.) as honorific member. It also gave its highest brother status to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Asturias, which was accepted and signed by his father, his Majesty the King. D. Juan Carlos I.

Coming from its foundation time, the fraternity has got a "Ladies Committee" in charge of an intense social activity, specially at the rural environment. This committee has got also the responsability of taking care of the sacred Images as well as of the chapel where they are worshiped. Another of these committee's duties is taking care of the patrimonial elements concerning the fraternity and its annual procession.


The sculpture of Jesus praying at the orchard is an oil and gold painted wood sculpture, of natural size, made by the artist coming of Granada Daniel Gutiérrez Ruiz. It represents Jesus, praying sitten under one olive tree, comforted in his suffering by a nice angel with golden wings. This sculpture group was done between 1950 and 195, being very nice and remembering the work of the 18th century artist Salcillo.

Carrying Platform Throne of the Christ

The processional carrying platform throne is a magnificient Ronda's craftwork example, with wonderful wood carved work done using noble woods, and perfect work by the prestigious local master of wood carving Luis García Marín.

Carrying Platform Throne of the Virgin

As a very defined well baroque style work can be defined our Virgin of the Consolation at her Sadness, done by the master of sculpture of Seville Antonio Castillo Lastrucci. The carrying platform throne of this Virgin is covered by a luxurious canopy made of silver and light blue dmask, as well as its six metres long cloak. And at the top of this clothing, an spectacular and nice crown made following the "Macarena's style" (inspired at the crown worn by the world known sculpture of the Virgin Macarena of Seville), a well inspired jewelry made of goldened silver by the master Manuel Seco Velasco of Seville.