Solemne Via Crucis Penitencial (Stations of the Cross)

Solemne Via Crucis PenitencialThe fifties was a decade of fraternities' rise at Ronda. The economic difficulties concerning the settlement of new brotherhoods had been overcomed and most part of the current fraternities had achieved to do its annual procession. 

The misteries of the scenes of the Passion and Death of Our Lord shown at the platform thrones helped to make visible the christian worship at the Cross Station's praying. Each one of the Lent's fridays and at every church, the Staions of the Cross where prayed at morning or at evening and the faithfull people followed with devotion the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

In 1966 the Union of Fraternities was founded. Once the Holy Week arrived, and due to the fact that no fraternity was having procession on Easter Tuesday, D. José Parra, One of the leading men of the Union suggested to celebrate the Stations of the Cross through the streets of Ronda that day.

The idea seemed to be good because, at the same time, was a previous stage of the celebration of the Sacred three days religious celebration of the Easter Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday. The only thing to do was to stablish the route and the exact location of each Cross Station.

The historic quarter of the city seemed to be the most convenient stage. The route begins at the church of Padre Jesús, and passes through the awesome old streets arriving to the Colegiata de Santa María La Mayor. The candle's light and the prayers invade at a religious way this wonderful monumental environment.

At 1974' s Lent, the devotion to the Stations of the Cross was deep rooted at the soul of Ronda's people. About five hundred people went to the meeting for this celebration, together with the priest D. José Parra, and organized by all the churches around its parishioners.

Some years later, when the Union of Fraternities was converted into Union of Fraternities and Brotherhoods of Ronda, this new organization received the duty of organizing the Stations of the Cross, doing each time more successfullly.

Nowadays, more than two thousand people, no matter if the weather is fine or not, go with devotion to celebrate this religious act of the Stations of the Cross each Easter Tuesday.