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This building was formerly a convent belonging to the Barefoot Trinity Order, and it can be admired nowadays its baroque style church, with a latin crew ground set into one rectangle, consisting of three naves separated by quadrate pillars, with Corinthian pilasters on them holding up semicircular folden arches. Over them there can be seen covered balconies.

The central nave is wider, and covered by a framed semicircular vault, decorated with medailons with vegetal elemets inside, as well as human forms. The sides of the crossing nave as well as the presbytery are also covered by semicircular vaults, while the center of the crossing nave is covered by a ribed dome with flower decoration at its centre.

The main façade is done with masonry, with a high front stone vestibule surrounded by a fence. The entrance consists of a semicircular arch with vegetal decoration, framed by pairs of Tuscan columns over plinths and holding up a broken pediment whose end are pyramids and stone balls.

Inside the building two of the retables are remarkable: One dedicated to St. Anthony, made of coloured wood with mirrors of the 18th century and the Trinity retable, of neobaroque style and with a coloured wooden relief of the 19th century.