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Ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs on 25th July 1485, although construction did not begin until the beginning of the sixteenth century, under the patronage of Saint Peter, martyr for the Order of Santo Domingo. Towards the end of eighteenth century it was in a lamentable condition and part if which was given to widen the access to the New Bridge. In mid - nineteenth century it passed into private ownership, and a market was installed, for which part of the building was demolished. In the first half of the twentieth century it suffered a fire and in the 50’s a cooperative of carpenters.  Acquired by the town hall in the 80’s, the renovation of which used conserved parts in order to make a new building.

The convent had various parts, the principal of which if the Chapel, which has been preserved until today, located in the south east of the building. It has a rectangular floor, divided into three auditoriums, the wider central and higher cover with coloured Mudejar decorations. The separation of the auditoriums is via the gothic arches, held by pillars with circular moldings and semi circular aches on rectangular pillars. The entrance to the church is through the side of the building via a simple doorway. The other part if the convent of which some is conserved is the cloister, with wide semicircular arches with molded threads and supported on plain shaft columns and Corinthian capitals.