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Built in 1734, it is an opened chapel, built onto a private house, with an opened rectangular ground and with semicircular arches at three of its sides, held up by columns with ionic capitals. The shaft of each column has got stone figures representing persons attached to the column with a lace around their necks, having all of them a sinister expression.

All these elements are covered with a three sided roof made of arab bricks.

Inside, the monument is also covered at three of its sides. At the right and left side by the union of semicircular vaults and at the front side, by an oval skullcap and also a medallion, surrounded by a decoration consisting of vegetal laces and other barroc elements..

At the front side there can be seen one brick pilaster. There is a small wood carved retable on it and, at the centre of the altarpiece, there can be seen a niche, forming like a balcony at the retable, and inside of it a painting which theme is the Virgen de los Dolores (The Blessed Virgin Mary at their Pains). At each side of the niche there can be seen two coats of arms of the catholic monarchs of Spain (Isabella and Ferdinand).