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Compromiso de Calidad Turística


The city's museum is located at the Mondragon's Palace, known also as Palace of the Marquis of Villasierra. It is a magnificient building, probably Ronda's most significative civil building. 

Inside the museum four different areas or zones can be distinguished, according to the aim and function corresponding to each one of the museum's idea:

  • Exposition area
  • Investigation area
  • Storage area
  • Services area

The exposition's area consists of different galleries forming each one the different museum's sections. The three sections contain the most representative cultural assets of the city and its region. These sections are the following:


History Section

It shows the richess, variety and historic significate of our archaeological and historical patrimony. It is an example of our ancient and recent past, and we have got the ogligation of knowing, preserving and informing about it. 

This sections consist of the following exposition's galleries: the cave's world, the megalithic world, monography about Acinipo, the funerary Roman world, Ancient Ronda, the funerary Arab world, the city's evolution as geographycal and historical space and Ronda in the 19th century.

Ethnography Section

It shows examples of our most representative ethnographic patrimony, authentic popular creation and sign of our own identity. It shows a dinamic and live representation, offering various sensations.

The ethnography section consists of five galleries, being remarkable the world of the corks work, the still, the traditional cheese production, the kitchen, as well as a space dedicated to the pig's slaughter and to the saddlery work, that means, to different economic aspects concerning the traditional region's production, transformation and consum.

Environment Section

This section tries to offer to the visitors an outlook to Ronda's environment and the different aspects it consists of. In that way, the different natural spaces existing in the region (Natural Park of Sierra de las Nieves, Natural Park of Los Alcornocales and Natural Park ofGrazalema) are the basical assets of this section.

The rest of the areas are places where the techical, investigation, storage and own museum services matters are worked, as a normal aspect of one institution of this kind. Restoration workshop, pedagogical bureau, shops, bar, gardens, experiments room, multiple use room, library, movie room, etc.