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Compromiso de Calidad Turística


The museum of Peinado (Unicaja Foundation) is located at the Palace of Moctezuma, at the Giant's square, inside the historic city quarter. The palace where the museum is located was built at the end ot the 19th century, with an eclectic style. Remarkable places of the palace are the two courtyards inside it. One of them has got a classic look, with a lintel based ond Toscan columns over high bull's stone pedestals. The other one has got a fine roof hold by fine columns made of the same material.

Joaquín Peinado was born in Ronda 1898. He was a follower of Cèzanne and considered to be an spiritual son of Picasso, being the most elegant painters of the known as the "spanish school" of Paris. He died in Paris 1975.

The different creative periods of the painter, from 1923, when he moved to Paris, since 1974, few months before his death, can be observed walking through the rooms of this museum, where more than 190 paintings can be seen. Under them can be admired some since our days unknown drawings, which can be seen at this museum for the first time, and which come from the painter's private folders. //IMAGEN//  This drawings came with Peinado all his life long. Other important pieces are his oil, watercolor and wax paintings and graphic works.

Paintings like 'Still life with pears', 'Figure with a dove', 'The fruit bowl' and 'a female nude', have got an important place under Peinados's work, beside his collection of sea paintings.

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