Its name comes from an small arab setlement called Arriadh, which means "the gardens". It is an independent village since 1661.

By appointment of the Pope Clement VI it has got to make a procession with the Holy Sacrament at june, 29th, day of St. Peter, celebrating a Fair dedicated to this Saint at june, 28th to 30th. It celebrates the event of "Partir la Vieja" (to break the old woman) the first day of Lent and also St. Valentin at febrary, 14th.

It is also remarkable its Holy Week as well as certain songs singed some sundays. They are called "auroreros", sung by men with bells as instrumetns, who, following an ancient tradition, walk through the streets singing in honour to the Virgin.

The village produces oil, cold cuts, furniture and leather saddlery. The streets are painted in white making a typical image, in part with separated groups of houses around the fields.


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