It was an important arab setlement named Ben Aoxan, which means "Baker's house".

Its main economic resources are cattle raising, almonds and olive trees.It has also an important cold cuts industry with a good rate of sales inside the country as well as exports to foreign countries.

At the village's expanse is locate the famous cave of "La Pileta" as well as one of the entrances to the spectacular cave of the Cat, well known because of its speleological interest. It is also conserved the old road to Gibraltar. It is also remarkable the church, founded at the 16th century, restored, and with a nave containing a lace framework.

The Fair takes place at april, 25th, day of St. Marcos. The first sunday of may takes place the pilgrimage of the God's Son to the orchard and at october, 7th, is celebrated the Virgin of the Rosary.

It has got a railway station at 2km from the village, at litle setlement near the river, with attractive tourist services.


Basic information

  • Population : 1523
  • Expanse: 32 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 17 Km
  • Altitude: 569m