Located at the Genal valley, near the river of this name, it was formerly an arab setlement with the name of Ben-Rabbah, which means the sons of Rabbah.

Concerning its cultural patrimony are remarkable the chapel of the Holy Christ of the True Cross, a work of the 17th century, its current church of the 18th century which has had an important restoration, as well as the rests of the ancient Midle Age castle.

Come celebrate the Three Kings Day: There is the Hebrew market and the popular representation of the Sacraments of the Kings (it is the only representation of that kind in our province). On 20th January we celebrate the day of Saint Sebastian; the weekend of the 28th February is the Day of Andalucia, the gastronomic fair. The weekend of the 24th June we have the Pilgrimage of Saint John (’San Juan’), our week of culture is in the week of the 15th August and our local fiesta is in the week of the 29th September, the day of our Saint Patron San Miguel.

Its natural environment has got pine trees, chestnut trees, holm oaks and olive trees.


Basic information

  • Population : 520
  • Expanse: 24,9 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 35 Km
  • Altitude: 530m