Its frontier are the towns of Ronda, Casarabonela, Yunquera and Ardales.

It has got important rests of fortresses, first being Romans and afterwards of Arab ownership. There can also be seen the remains of a Roman way from Acinipo to Malaga at the called "Puerto de los Empedrados" and also sepultures of the Goths age.

The church of the Incarnation was built at the 16th century.At the village's expanse, rich at agriculture and cattle raising, there can be found the Snow's Convent, declared as "Monument of Cultural Interest", being its origin a hermitage founded at 1550 in honour of the Virgin of the Snow and later ocupped by the Carmelite Priests, founding at that place one church at the 17th century, with only one nave and conserving nowadays still its flower painting decoration at its vaults.

El Burgo, is the birthplace of the major Benítez, hero of the Africa's War and also birthplace of "Pasos Largos", considered to be the last bandit of the Mountain Range of Ronda. The village's Fair is very funny and is celebrated at august, from 25th to 28th at the festive day of St. Agustin, Patron Saint of the town.

The village produces leather shoes and boots,carpets made of sparto grass, oil, almonds, chickpeas, potatos, corn and wheat.


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