Due to its placement at a high area, el Gastor is known as the "White Village's balcony". It is located between the towns of Algodonales, Ronda, Grazalema and Olvera, next to the Gorge of Algarín, with more than thousand metres of altitude at its highest point. The population live mainly of the agriculture and the cattle raising. It was the hideaway of one of the last bandits of the Serrania, called José María "El Tempranillo", and in this village was also born the famous guitar player Diego el de El Gastor.

It celebrates at a particular and famous way the festive day of the Corpus Christi. The Patron Saint Fair, dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary, are celebrated on october, 7th, and the fair is a three day celebration beginning the first friday of august.

There can be seen the prehistoric heritage at its environment, with an interesting covered dolmen, next to the village at the Lalgarin's Gorge. There can be enjoyed of several tourist routes full of beauty, like the route leading to the Cueva del Susto (fright's cave), to Los Algarrobales and to the Encinar de la Breña. From that place it can be seen a wonderful landscape, as well as from the Cima de las Grajas, a place where lots of villages of the province can be seen.


Basic information

  • Population : 1803
  • Expanse: 27,6 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 30 Km
  • Altitude: 609m