Its name comes from the arab word Genna-AIwacir, which means "the minister's garden". Together with Gaucín, Benalauría and Jubrique it has got one of the most rainy weathers of the whole region, having an annual average rain of 1.180 l/m². Among its spectacular geography it is remarkable the Mount of the Reales, with an altitude of 1.449 metres and only 8 kilometres from the sea far away.

At its environment there can be found rests of the arab dissapeared setlements of Benastepar and Benamejí. It has got more than hundred sources of water. At the one called "Los Monteros" nine mortars made of stone and used for mineral searching where found, which shows that at the area could be found some time ago lots of gold and silver.The most important agriculture products are the ones taken from the olive trees. It is also rich at cork and sparto grass, making chairs made of this material. The sweets made at Genalguacil are also appreciated. The cattle raising is important, specially pigs and goats. Barbels can be fished at the Genal river. It has got one of the biggest Spanish Fir tree forests of the whole Mountain Range of Ronda.

The Fair is celebrated on february, 2nd, The Virgin of La Candelaria's day, and on april, 29th, festive day of St. Peter of Verona.


Basic information

  • Population : 437
  • Expanse: 31,9 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 43 Km
  • Altitude: 515m