Located at a deep valley watered by the Genal river, its main production consists on chestnuts and orchard products.

It has got also cattle, mainly goats and porks. Minor hunting and fishing like barbels and trouts can be also found. Formerly and at its mountains lived Spanish Ibex, wild pigs and badgers. It had got also wine and eau-de-vie cellars and, at some specific places, rests of gold, copper and lapis lazuli could be found.

The church of St. Francisco was formerly an arab mosque. It organizes an important pilgrimage on june, 24th, festive day of St. John, and celebrates a Fair in honour of St. Francisco on october, 4th.


Basic information

  • Population : 643
  • Expanse: 39,3 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 38 Km
  • Altitude: 567m