It is another interesting village of the Serrania de Ronda. It is the birthplace of the arab lordwarrior Omar-ben-Hafsum, who was born at the close to the village farm of Torrichuela, at the formerly called Hins-Auta.

It is also the village where the famous holm oak tree Valdecilla is located, with its 21 metres legth and more than 3 metres of diameter.

The village produces chestnuts, honey, sparto grass and aromatic wild camomile. It has got also cereals, olive trees and cow and goat cattle.

It is a place with lots of mountains and depressions, due to its location at the mountain ranges of las Nieves and the Oreganal, where lots of pine trees, spanish fir trees, chestnuts and holm oaks can be seen.

It celebrates its local Fair in August, from 14th to 16th.


Basic information

  • Population : 251
  • Expanse: 44,5 km2
  • Distance from Ronda: 23 Km
  • Altitude: 813m