Its full name is Setenil de las Bodegas (which means Setenil of the Wine Cellars). It is an unusual town, due to its placement and its architecture, with some cave's houses and corridor's digged on the rocks between the white houses. It was an spectacular defense place at the arab age, which resisted several times the attacks of the christian troups, before being conquered by the Catholic Monarchs at 1488.

It is a paradise for photographers and painters, who can enjoy from a beautiful landscape and being an attractive place for visiting for the national and international tourism since lots of years. Its church, very nice at its inside, has got a valious Renaissance style triptych. Concerning the church's artistic treasure, it is remarkable to admire a priest's cloak, given as a gift by the Catholic Queen Isabella.

It celebrates important Holy Week's processions supported by the popular devotion and the narrow and complicated streets. The main festive days are january, 20th, St, Sebastian, the Carnival on february and St. Isidro's day, on may, 15th.


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