It is the great town of the mountain range of Cadiz. Birthplace of the leather work, it has got lots of bigger or smaller factories covering the demand of the national and international market, being one of the most qualified industrial and craftwork cities of Andalusia. Apart from its interest as leather craftwork window, it has got also very interesting buildings placed over impressive knife cut rocks.

The Capuchin's convent, work of the 17th century, has got inside the sculpture of the Virgin of the Remedy, Patron Saint of Ubrique.The church of the Virgin of the 0, with its basilical ground, was built at the 16th century and at its main altar is located the Renaissance syle sculpture of the Virgin of the Antigua.

At Ubrique's surroundings there can be found lots of archaeological rests, being the most important of them the Iberian-Roman city of Ocurris and, inside it, the site of the Salto de la Mora, containing rests of a mausoleum and a ashes grave. On the other side, the Rano's cave can be seen, containing neolithical rests and the prehistoric ruins of the Salto del Pollo.

The village celebrates the Carnival, the Holy Week processions and the Fair on september, from 14th to 17th, in honour of the Virgin of the Remedy.


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