Located on the way from Ronda to Ubrique, Villaluenga is a small and charming village with white houses, set into a rural surrounding where calm and silence are the most significative things. It is also the birthplace of the poet Pedro Pérez Clotet.

It was an important town at the arabs age and a heroic village (like all the towns of the region) during the Independence war against France. Its church, built at the 18th century is nowadays a cementery worth to visit. The village has also got a small bullring. The average rain level, due to the location of Villaluenga at the natural complex of the Mountain Range of Grazalema is high: 2.067 litres as annual average.

Its main resources are cattle raising and agriculture. It produces also high quality cheeses.

The annual Fair are the pilgrimage of the Holy Shepherdess on juny, 20th and the Patron Saint Fair of St. Roque on august, from 18th to 20th. It has also a festive day on october, 7th.


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