The natural environment of Ronda is simply spectacular. Beauty, harmony and balance with Mediterranean flora and fauna, that provide continuous surprises for visitors who experience a range of emotions whilst viewing landscapes and animals not previously seen.

This is a natural territory of 240,519 hectares in which are found three natural parks, two Biosphere Reserves and twenty more protected natural spaces.

At any time of the year these places present inimitable spectacles. Authentic concerts of light, aromas and natural sounds address the unpredictable enveloping forest, and without doubt, adds sup a beautiful fiesta for the senses.

There is always something to see and do. Both adventure and tranquillity can be found. There are activities for all ages and abilities, offered by accredited businesses, where, potholing, cycling, canoeing, gorge walking and paintball etc are available.

With experts that take you through the Serranía in search of the most spectacular flora and fauna. A countryside where you can see Griffon Vultures on rocks drying their wings, amongst the other 200 species of birds in the area, or the fragile and beautiful orchid or the Tertian forests exclusively of Spanish Fir.


Ronda Natural