Mountain complex of evironmental interest



Accordign to Moreno Borrel: "It is one of the places with more own identity and beauty at the frame of the Serrania de Ronda, and, generally speaking, of Andalusia. The depression of the Genal river , atributary to the Guadiaro river, is surrounded by a dense vegetal cover which contains also some deciduous trees. There can also be seen small villages, well adapted to these surroundings".

Concerning the different kind of stones, they are varied and logically the usual for this mountain range, coming from different prehistoric periods.



Concerning the vegetation, there can be found the black pine tree, whose best examples can be seen at the area of Genalguacil, at the north side of Sierra Bermeja, with dense groves. Unfortunately, the fire at the forests have reduced its number, and nowadays its area has been seriously reduced. The pine of Monterrey has been used as vegetal specie to replace them. The holm oaks and the andalusian gall oaks are also well and wide represented at the valley.The cork oak is also common at the east sides of the mountains, being also present bushed consisting basically of rockroses and heathers.

The chestnut tree is also one of the most characteristic species of the Genal Valley, giving it, specially at autumm time, a beautiful colour for an spectacular landscape.

It is also interesting the meadow's vegetation, because this valley is the "entrance place" where lots of subtropical species grow at the northern part of the mountain range.

Concerning the fauna, it is remarkable the roe deer, the badger, the otter, the mongoose, the wild cat, the golden eagle, the vulture, the acuatic blackbird and the trout.