Distinguished space



Located at the city of Ronda, and with an stimated surface of 47,5 Ha., this space consists of two parts, the first being a gorge of 500 m length and 100 m depth with a width of 50 m and the second, being a huge ravine, opened at a circular hollow: "La Caldera". It is located over prehistoric rests and the gorge has been digged by the Guadalevin river, setting different kind of materials at its meadows.

At the ravine, opned to the zone of the "caldera" (the boiler), bushes appear as if they were stains or pillows at the edges of the ravine.

The animals seen at this area are mainly crews, swifts, pigeons and some birds of prey like the kestrel and the hawk.

The landscape is also of great quality, due to its spectacular ravines and of the fact of being at the same city centre (the houses are built at the edges of the ravine).