Natural emplacement



At the southwestern side of the Serranía de Ronda is located Sierra Bermeja. The most attractive site of these mountain range are the little Spanish fir forests of Los Reales, consisting of 1.236 Ha. and protected since 1989 being declared as Natural Site.

Its ground, together with its smooth and relative rainy climatology, achieve one very special flora and vegetation, among them about 50 different vegetal species, considered to be rare by its botanical interest or by being in danger of dissapearance.The forests mainly consist of the Spanish fir, but there can also be found pine trees, junipers, cork trees and kermes oaks.

Concerning the fauna it is remarkable to see, among the mammaries, the Spanish Ibex, the wild cat, the roe deer and the mongoose. And among the birds of prey, the eagle, the hawk, the kestrel and the owl.

Los Reales are part of the mountain range of Sierra Bermeja, which, through de 35Kms. separates Ronda from the Mediterranean Coasts. The mountain range has got an average height of 1.000 m. and is located between the Sierra de las Nieves and the pico de Los Reales, taking a southwestern - northeastern direction parallel to the Coast. At its very sharp sides there can be found some trees.The colour of its red rocks gives the name to the mountain range and it can be easily seen between the white coloured lime stones of Sierra de las Nieves and of the Sierra Blanca de Marbella.