Mountain complex of evironmental interest



The mountain range of Libar is a karstical zone, very interesting due to its geology and special configuration. Concerning its vegetal cover it is remarkable the presence of holm oaks groves, at the form of pasture and also the presence of gall oaks at the bottom of the depression.

A great number and variety of fauna can be seen, specially vultures, several kinds of eagles, and, concerning the mammaries, the most important are the Spanish Ibex (40-45 items), the mongoose and the genet.

Although all this space has an attractive value as landscape, it is important to remark the place known as "Los Llanos de Líbar" (Plains of Libar) located over 1.000 m of altitude and surrounded by the mountain ranges of Juan Diego, Palo and Blanquilla, on the one side, and on the other, by the mountain ranges of Montalate, Líbar and Mojón Alto. Without any kind of doubts, it is one of the most attractive and singular places of the whole Serrania de Ronda.