Natural monument



Located at the Spanish fir forest of Cerro Alcojona and next to the way of Las Lajas, this important way connected formerly the meadows of río Verde (Green river) to Ronda and to the Genal Valley.The position of the limestone plattforms, as if they were steps, gives the name to this tree.

It is the biggest tree of the mountain range. It can arrive to really huge dimensions. Its trunk has got 5,10 m. of circumference and 1,62 m. of diameter. It has got an stimated age of between 350 and 550 years; it is located at 1100 m. of altitude, its shadow takes about 200 m2, it has got a height of 26 m., at the 3 m. height, the trunk is divided into three branches of 80 to 90 cm.of circumference and each of them is subdivided into two. Regarded at its environment is really incredible. Due to its dimensions it seems as if the Spanish firs were older as they really are, but to tell the truth, they are not so old as the yew trees or the cedar trees. 

This kind of Spanish fir is included at the Natural Monuments' Catalogue of Andalusia, made by the Environmental Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Source: Rafael Flores. Hiking Association Pasoslargos


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