Natural monument



It became a “Monumento Natural” in Andalusia in September 2003, its peculiarity comes from the geomorphologic process which originated this canyon. It is also peculiar because of the species living here, above all, the Griffon Vulture (Gyps Fulvus) which nests in the walls and gives its name to it.

The canyon took its shape from the erosive action of river Guadiaro to the basis of limestones and Jurassic derivatives. This gave rise to a narrow and deep rift which, in some sections, transcends 100m deep. This canyon is crossed by the “Puente de los Alemanes”, suspended on a 60m height. It was built in 1918, and it is not a bridge itself, but a water main that reaches the power station in El Colmenar. 

The protected area is 218.766 m² wide and it is situated in the eastern side of Málaga, among Cortes de la Frontera, Benalauría and Benarrabá townships.