Bitter Sweets 


½ kgr. of sugar, 4 eggs, ½ kgr. of smashed almonds, smashed cinnamon, 1 lemon’s juice.


Inside a bowl put all the ingredients, beating them properly.Once the pastry is ready, put it over a strong white paper with the help of a big spoon.

Finally, put the pastry inside the oven and bake it with medium heat until it gets a golden colour.

Drunk sweets 


2 Kgr. of flour, 1 glass of olive oil, 1 glass of white wine, from ¼ to ½ kgr. of sugar, honey, lemon’s peel, , matalahúva, smashed almonds (as much as you like).


Put a glass of olive oil inside a frying pan and once it is heat fry inside it the lemon’s peel and a little bit of matalahúva. Afterwards, take the peel away, take also the pan from heat away and let it get cool for a little moment.

Inside one big container drop the flour, add the fried olive oil, one glass of white winer and the sugar. Make a pastry with these ingredients and let it rest for a wile. Should you notice that the pastry is not smooth enough, then add wine and olive oil with the same proportion after arriving to the desired smooth pastry.

Cut little pieces of the pastry (the smaller they are, the best for your purposes) making with them the form of the fritters or of the doughnuts, frying them with lots of hot olive oil. Finally, as soon as they get out of the frying pan, coat them with honey and sugar.

Lent fritters


¼ litre of water, 1 lemon’s peel, cinnamon, frying olive oil, 50 grs. of butter, 1.125 kgrs. of flour, 4 eggs, 1 cup of brandy.


Put inside a small saucepan, if possible made of ceramics, less than one quarter of litre of water, salt, the lemon’s peel and some cinnamon. Boil it over a low heat and, when the mixture begins to boil, add quickly 50 grs. of butter and 1.125 kgrs. of flour.

Take the smallsauce pan away of the heat and mixed the pastry properly, adding the cup of brandy.

Once the ingredients have been properly mixed, add slowly three entire eggs and the yolk of another one. Contintue working on the pastry until arriving to a smooth and united pastry.

Inside a frying pan put lots of olive oil adding a piece of apple or potato. Once it has got a nice colour, take it away of the frying pan and being to fry the fritters, cutting the pastry into small pieces, with the help of a little spoon.

Then the fritters are fried and drained, put them at the bottom of a baking tray.

Finally, if you like, you can fill them with cream or to coat them with an syrope made of rum.

Victory fritters


400 gr. of apples, 200 grs. of flour, ¼ litre of milk, 2 eggs, sugar, aniseed, salt, frying olive oil.


Peel the apples, throwing away its centre and cutting them into slices, reserving them inside a containre with some sugar and the aniseed.

Inside another container put 200 grs. of flour, ¼ litre of milk, two yolks and some salt. Mixed these ingredients properly, making a pastry whic has to be resting for two hours. After this tiem, add it the beated egg’s white.

Finally, cover the apple’s slices with the pastry and fry them in hot olive oil.

Chestnuts in syrup


½ Kgr. of chestnuts, 4 spoonful.t of sugar, 1 glass of water, salt.


Wash the chestnuts properly, make on them a cross form cut and boil them inside a casserole with water and some salt for two minutes.

After boiling the chestnuts, it will be easy to peel them, reserving them after this operation inside a dish.

The next step consists of making a syrup by means of mixing 4 spoonful of sugar and one glass of water, putting inside it the chestnuts over a low heat to avoid the chestnuts get broken. Boil the mixture until the chestnuts are tender.

To be served cool or warm.

Compote of chestnuts


½ Kgr. of chestnuts, 2 glasses of water, ½ glass of brandy, sugar (as much as you like), 1 little piece of cinnamon.


Inside a pot put the previously peeled chestnuts and add water and brandy following the rule of four parts of water for one of brandy. Add also the little piece of cinnamon and the quantity of sugar you like. Boil it during fifteen minutes.

To be served cool.

Compote of quince


3 Kgr. of quinces, 2 litres of water, 1 glass of white wine, 1 kgr. of sugar, 2 or 3 grains of spices, 1 little piece of cinnamon.


Peel the quinces and cut them into pieces.

Put inside a casserole the water, un glass of white wine, the cinnamon, the sugar, two or three grains of spices and the quinces.

Boil it until the quinces are tender. To be served cool.

Chestnuts cream


½ Kgr. of chestnuts, 2 eggs, 1 tin of condensed milk.


Boil the chestnuts inside a container with water. Once they are boiled, peel and drain them, smashing them afterwards with the food mill. The next step consists of adding the yolks of the two eggs and also the condensed milk; mix everything well and add afterwards the beaten egg’s white.

Let the cream be cooled inside the refrigerator for two hours.

Almonds creme caramel


1 tin of condensed milk, 1 glass of milk, 200 grs. of smashed almonds, 3 eggs, liquid caramel.


Open the condensed milk and put its contains inside a container mixing it with one glass of fresh milk, 200 grs. of peeled and smashed almonds and 3 eggs, beating everything properly.

Inside a small saucepan put liquid caramel, covering all its bottom. Next to this put inside all the beaten mixture and heat it in a double boiler during 25 minutes.

The last step consists of emptying the mixture into individual containers and to serve it once it’s cool.

Fried milk with sweet pumpkin filling


1 litre of milk, 250 grs. of sugar, 80 grs. of maicena, 8 yolks, 3 entire eggs, 50 grs. of butter, 10 spoonful of olive oil, 1 piece of cinnamon, 250 grs. of sweet pumpkin filling.


Inside a small saucepan boil half of the milk, together with the sugar and the cinnamon.

Inside another small saucepan mix the maicena with the rest of the cool milk and the previosly beaten yolks. Afterwards add the boiled milk and mix everything without stopping. Afterwards, add 50 grse. of butter and put the mixture into a previously coated with butter container.

Once the pastry is cool, cut it into quadrate pieces and, after coating them into flour and egg, fry them with hot olive oil.

Serve the paste with the sweet pumpkin filling.

Almonds honey-coated pastry


¼ litre of olive oil, ¼ litre of white wine, flour (as much as necessary), smashed almonds, 1 lemon’s peel, 1/3 spoonful of bicarbonate.


Inside a frying pan fry the lemon’s peel with olive oil. Take the peel away and let it get cool. Once the oil is also cool, add the glass of white wine, the smashed almonds, little bicarbonate and all the possible flour. Mix the pastry properly.

Once the pastry is ready, take pieces of the pastry and make a roll with it, frying it. At least, coat the rolls with honey.



½ Kgr. of sugar, 1 mortar filled with peeled almonds, 3 eggs.


Smash the almonds wiht the mortar. Inside another container mix the sugar with the smashed almonds and three eggs whites. Once the mixture is smooth, cut it into strips and make with them the form of the doughnuts, coating them with flour at its bottom, just for avoiding the doughnuts to get stuck to the oven.

Bake the doughnuts inside the oven at low heat.

Fresh cheesecake


200 grs. of fresh cheese, 100 grs. of sugar, , ½ lemon’s juice, ½ litre of cream, 3 coatings of gelatin, ½ pack of Maria’s cookies, 50 grs. of butter.


Mix the cream with the cheese and the lemon’s juice with the mixer, afterwards add the melted gelatin and let everything get cool.

The cookies have to be smashed and mixed with butter to make the base of the cake.

Serrania pie


1 glass of olive oil, 1 glass of sugar, 1 glass of milk, 2 glasses of flour, 2 eggs, 100 grs. of raisins, 100 grs. of peeled almonds, ½ spoonful of salt, 50 grs. of matalahúva (a kind of grain), 50 grs. of ajonjolí (another kind of grain), lemon’s peel, 1 piece of smashed cinnamon.


Fry the matalahúva and the ajonjolí in hot olive oil and let them get cool. Inside a bowl beat two effs, adding the sugar, milk, salt, flour, raisins, cinnamon, the lemon’s peel and the mixture of oil with ajonjolí and matalahúva.

Put the mixture inside a container covered with butter and spread it with sugar, cinnamon and the peeled almonds.

The last step consistis of baking at inside the oven with high heat 20 to 30 minutes.